Here’s a breakdown of our monthly income, all done using Google’s fancy javascript visualization library, because reasons? I’m a software engineer, my natural inclination is to do things in the most complex, and time consuming way possible.


Sounds about right.


A small caveat about the charts, we didn’t just “start” investing last year, it was just that everything was scattered in different accounts, company RRSP accounts, etc.. Last year was a great year for finally reconciling (most) of our accounts into easy to manage spots. Also that’s when I actually started tracking month-by-month.


// TODO(MrSLM): Overlay total net worth on chart below. Maybe add animations? Do something fancy!


Last Update: May, 2017


Some quick notes about the chart:

  • “Income” refers to the income received that month, pretty straightforward stuff.
  • “Projected Income” refers to the projected yearly income (divided by 12), at the start of the month based on whatever holdings I have at that time.